Welcome to my One Van Travels!

Have you ever just wanted to get into the car and just drive?

My Grandpa, George had a lime green Ford Econoline van when I was a young kid. I was 5 years old when he bought it. I remember this because it was just after school let out for the summer and I was at my grandparent’s house while my mom was at work. We heard it before we saw it (on purpose) and the look on my Grandma face was pure shock. I came to find out later she was furious that he traded in their Buick for this van. A total George move, but my grandpa had a travel bug that he never quite knew how to fulfill in the Buick.

He didn’t have much growing up or even as an adult, but he had that van and gas in the tank. I never knew our destination, but I was always ready to jump in and go. Turns out, I have that travel bug too.

There have been many laughs when it comes to the stories about the van since he died. Many stories were from my grandmother about how she never knew where they were going when he was behind the wheel.

My mom would chime in to say that she often didn’t know my whereabouts either when it came to the adventures I would go on with my grandfather.

I can remember a few trips:

  • Ontario & Niagara Falls
  • Virginia
  • A family reunion in Tennessee (turns out, it wasn’t our family!)
  • Columbus, Ohio

There was something about the way that van made my grandpa smile that stays with me today.

Grandpa George

I feel i’m missing that kind of smile in my life, which is why I’m thinking about living the Van-life.

More to come!