International travel

Image of World Map

Places I’ve explored:

  • South Africa stops in Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, Johannesburg and Dinokeng Game Reserve (May 2019)
  • China with stops in Beijing, Xi’an, Suzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou and Shanghai (Feb 2019)
  • Prague (January 2019)
  • Ireland & Northen Ireland (Nov 2018)
  • Mexico with stops in Cancun and Chichén Itzá (June 2018)
  • Grand Cayman Island (May 2018)
  • Belgium with stops in Brussels and Bruges (Feb 2018)
  • Netherlands with a stop in Amsterdam (Feb 2018)
  • France with a stop in Paris and Versailles (Feb 2018)
  • England with stops in London, Bath, Windsor and Stonehenge (Nov 2017)
  • Canada with stops in Vancouver, Yukon, Niagara Falls and Toronto (May 2016, Jul 2017, Dec 2010)
  • Japan with stops in Tokyo, Kamakura, Nagano (Apr 2017)
  • Italy with stops in Venice, Florence & Rome (Feb 2017)
  • Vatican City (Feb 2017)
  • Jamaica (Nov 2016)
  • Iceland (Oct 2015)
  • Luxembourg (2001)
  • Germany (2001)

Upcoming in 2020:

  • Greece (March)
  • Peru (June)
  • Russia (maybe)

United States travel

I won’t count the state if I was only in the airport there. I’m excited to go explore the states I haven’t been to yet via Van-life!

Image of United States Travel

Are you going somewhere I’ve been? Tweet me @nicoleabuhakmeh if you have any travel plans that take you to any of these spots too! I am always up for a chat about travel!