• My passport is my most prized possession. It’s my license to explore the world!

  • I’ve recently found an aerial yoga class near me and - I LOVE IT!

Nicole Aerial Yoga

  • I am on a search to find the best sour beers this world has to offer. Find me on Untappd - nicoleabuhakmeh

  • My teenager Bryn is finally understanding that there is a world out there beyond Snapchat! Her passport has 3 stamps and more pending!

Bryn McBeth

  • My home office is filled with trinkets that I refuse to part with from our travels including a voodoo doll from NOLA, wooden tulips from Holland, lava rocks from Iceland, seashells from the Caymans and an ostrich eggshell from South Africa.

  • “Nothing compares to the excitement of exploring every corner of the earth with the person you love most by your side.” Thankfully I’ve got My husband, Khalid with me to figure out this path.

Khalid and Nicole In Chicago

  • I make my living in educational software development, on the business side. Someone has to write the documentation and test the code, right?!

  • These two are my furbabies. Samson and Guinness aka Lil’ G. Samson is my big mastiff english bulldog mix and Lil’ G, well he’s a Heinz 57! We believe he is part beagle, shar pei, hound and general monster.

Samson and Guinness Dogs