I have been on the receiving end of some pretty nice and thoughtful gifts, but more often than not, I have to just regift things I’ve received. (Sorry friends and family, I’m allergic to shellfish - so a crab claw cracker set isn’t needed in my house!)

This year for my birthday, I wasn’t taking any chances.

I invested in some shares of BREWDOG for myself!

As an Equity for Punks Shareholder of BrewDog I get some pretty awesome perks that I wish I had known about before traveling to 2 of their world pubs this year:

  • A 5% discount in all of the bars, all around the world
  • A 20% lifetime discount on the BrewDog USA shop, which stocks tons of awesome merch
  • A free tour of BrewDog Columbus
  • A free tour of BrewDog Ellon
  • An invite (and a plus one) to the amazing USA AGM; our annual, soon-to-be-legendary beer, music and food festival, exclusively for shareholders
  • Access to the exclusive shareholder forum & community, www.equitypunks.com
  • An Equity Punks ID Card
  • A say in how the company is run!

I am stoked to have found this awesome opportunity to be a part of an awesome brewery that I believe in!


Stay tuned for my updates as I put my shares to good use! Cheers!