We all have dreams and goals we strive to achieve. Some are to make it through the work day, some are to make it to Mars. When I started my journey in drinking craft beer I didn’t have a dream or goal, just wanted to find different beers that I hadn’t had before. I was having a homebrew beer with my Aunt Rose when she pulled out a paper journal of the different beers she & my uncle have brewed and drank. That got my brain going - There has to be an online log for this type of thing!

That’s the day I found Untappd! Since day 1 we have been best friends in the craft beer game! It keeps me updated on events nearby, new beers and suggests existing ones for me to find. It also gave me a goal to work towards, a rather annoying one as it would turn out.

I will drink a craft beer brewed from each state in the USA!

That’s where my lovely supportive husband came in like the superhero he is. He pulled all of my data from Untappd to build this amazing series of maps and graphs with Google DataStudio. This is when he started calling me his Lush, lovingly. I’d deny it, but the data doesn’t lie.


This is a snapshot of my Untappd stats. Find me & Let’s be friends!

***Down to 6~~ 5 states!*** ~~Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, New Mexico! North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico!

It looks easy, right? Except, certain states like Alabama can’t export to PA due to beer laws. This might take a bit more effort than just going down to my local bottle shop to pick up the states that I am missing. Time to get traveling again!